Maximillian Robespierre Deserved to Die

February 10, 2010 at 4:01 pm (Uncategorized)

                  From the years 1789-1799 France was in the middle of a revolution which, was being lead by Maximillian Robespierre. Robespierre was a lawyer who believed in the enlightenment and a speaker that dissensioned information about enlightenment ideas that he had acquired from philosophers. His words were considered as his most powerful weapon and so he was later on named as the “incorruptable”. 



 In the beginning Robespierre appeared to be a modest man with the right idea for the revolution however, he would prove to be the opposite of what people thought he was.People started realizing what his true identity was after Robespierre took control over the citizens around the year’s 1793-1794. This time period was known as The Reign of Terror and during this time period about 15,000 people were tortured and killed on the guillotine if they were counterrevolutionaries or even thought of as suspicious by the people.

The Guillotine

                     During Robespierre’s reign he had created a wave of panic and fear in France which had not lead to further stability at all. Also, most of the people that he had sent to the guillotine were only sent there due to his paranoia and so I think that Maximillian Robespierre deserved to be put to death. He also deserved to be put to death because he was killing people even though it was unnecessary which only made made Robespierrre seem like a worst person than he really was. In the end of it all though, he had to be put to death because just like  the King Robespierre was corrupting the power that he had over the people. That’s why Robespierre deserved to be put to death on the guillotine. 
                           After Robespierre acquired an enormous amount of control he later became paranoid about who would try to get rid of him and try to take control. So as a result Robespierre trusted his paranoia more than the people and later on he even seemed to think that everyone was out to get him. A few moments later he killed many innocent men claiming them as traitors. The people then realized that Robespierre had spun out of control and decided to arrest him and kill him on the guillotine where he had already sent many people to their deaths.


  1. annabanana12 said,

    Robespierre couldn’t handle all the power that he gained. He was power hungry. It was necessary the he had to be executed for his crime of murder.

  2. aoverman21 said,

    I agree. He was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Why should he not receive the same punishment as the many he tried and executed?

  3. bryceflanagan said,

    nice job janeleen this is intresting.

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